My First Real Kiss With A Girl Whos Not My Mum (or Sister)

Ive been going out with my new girlfriend for about three weeks now and shes called Becca and is in my class. Ive had some girlfriends before but they were sort of silly and we had little kisses on the cheeks and all that but this time it was really much different.

For a start Becca always smells really nice, flowers or something and she is very pretty and same age as me which is 14 in september. I hung round with her at school break times and walked her home and such then she came to watch me play football practice after school and said she really liked that and so did i. Then i took her into town and we had some fun going around holding hands and it felt really nice and i felt much older and looking after her when some boys were messing around near us.

She came to watch me play for the school and i scored a goal and i rushed over to her and she gave me a real hug and kissed me which was very special especialy in front of my mates. I walked her home after and just before we got near her house she said she wanted to give me a proper kiss and went into a bus stop. This kiss was like nothing else i had done and she was really soft and cuddly and i felt like it was just the most incredible thing ever.

Weve kissed a lot since then and i just want to kiss her everytime i see her wich is not always good cos of my classmates taking the mickky and shcool rules dont allow for it. i get really special feelings when we are together and i hope she does too but i darent ask her about that.
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1 Response Nov 30, 2012

Nice story Jack! :) Becca seems cool! :) Hope you stay together :)

Hey Andy ... yeah she really is, trying to keep hold of her so heres hoping....