I Am Just 14 And I Have Been Raped Twice And Did Not Say A Word

It was august and i just turn 14 my nighbour found out i turn 14 they
were male 26 and 28 the 26 year old had a crush on me.He told me i was
sexy he would love to have sex with me.one day i was left alone home with
my two cousins he sent both of my cousin by his house to get something to eat he carried me inside a room and kiss me and touch me certain parts of my body i begged him to stop.A few days after his brother saw me alone.
So he called me at the back of the house and to touch me certain places in
my body but he force me to do things i did not want to do.A few weeks
after i met the 26 year old in a digicel store he force me carried me to go in a guesthouse house with him as i was scared i didn't do anything.
before i knew it we were both naked i pleaded for him to stop,i lost my
virginity because of him till this day now i haven't said a word and i regret
sofiacullen36 sofiacullen36
Dec 1, 2012