First Kiss Under The Bridge.

My first girlfriend who will be known as K and I met through friends. I was a very weird kid in 7th grade, I was always in the library reading some kind of horror novel, anything with gore. I dressed completely different too, I just didn't really care. One day I ran into someone in the library and dropped my stephen king book, she picked it up and said, “hey, niiice.” She handed it back to me and I said, “I’m sorry, that was my fault.” She asked me, “You read a lot, huh? Cause this is a huge book.” I told her that I read books so I don’t need to pay attention to people. She looked at me once more and asked me if I had a moment - I have always kept to myself about things. Not once was I ever asked to go anywhere with anyone. So, I quickly agreed and we completely left school and walked by this creek. We saw a few kids under a bridge and we joined them. I heard a voice say, “Eve, who’s that…?” I freaked out because I quickly remembered that I have never introduced myself, I mean I just found out her name that instant! I cleared my voice and said, “I'm Saturn.” The biggest guy stood up and examined me, then nodded to his friends and just like that, I was accepted. I was instantly one of them, I made friends who accepted me who who I am. Yeah, they weren’t the best of people to hang out with, but neither was I. Together we were outcasts who had nothing but each other. The group had about 6-8 people, but one particular person stood out from the rest to myself. The girl was K, as I mentioned before. She was the oldest one in the group and the most gorgeous girl I’ve seen at that time. I really wanted to talk to her, but I kept thinking to myself, “She wouldn’t ever talk to me, why even bother.” Our group was very open to each other. Not one person was left out on anything that was going on with anybody. We all came from broken families, so we decided to make our own. K, was her own case, though. She never really opened up to anyone, but she was the one to always know first. People trusted her, but no one knew what her background was for sure. It was strange, as strange as a few months in the group, around 9pm I got a call from her. She sounded all choked up and she asked me to tell her a story. Thoughts rushed into my head, “She called me? Out of all the people in the world, why me?” I asked her where she was, and she said she was at our “spot,” so I snuck out the back door and walked about 2 miles to get where she was - I stayed on the phone with her. I finally reached her and she was sitting all alone on a wooden box, under the bridge. I told her to turn around and she flung off her seat and just embraced me with the biggest hug ever. This, was also strange… First she TALKS to me for the first time, then she CALLS me for the first time, now she HUGS me for the first time? Okay, this is nothing but a very realistic dream…I’ll wake up any moment. She let go of me and looked into my eyes, she thanked me for listening to her, then she thanked me for talking and staying on the line. She talked about how she doesn’t have anyone to do that anymore. I asked her, “Well, you have me, but why did you pick me in the first place?” She answered, “Cause I feel like I can trust you.” So, we both just sat down and just talked, I wanted her to KNOW that she can trust me, and I’m glad she did. Out of the blue we just got really close to each other, she held my face and just kissed me. Her feel, her touch, those lips, that grip, It was so fast and yet so slow - I felt so loved. K and I smiled afterwards and just gazed out into the night. Who would have thought sitting under a bridge while it’s pitch black could set the mood? She was my first, the girl I named K, that’s how things went. We dated for a while, but her dad got a really good job offering in Sactown. She was happy for him but she said she’d rather be with me. Now, I wasn’t going to let her stay with me when she could have a better life with her dad. So we talked it out, and we just broke up the day she moved. The most memorable thing about my first kiss was, I believe there will always be someone who cares for me, even if they don't talk much. 
saturng saturng
Dec 2, 2012