Cruise Kissing

Well it was the last day of the 5 day cruise I went on, we had liked each other all 5 days and hung out every night, but this one felt different. We were at the very front of the ship, and we're staring at the moon while he was holding me (it was cold). He turned to me and said "what would you do if I kissed you right now?" and I replied "I'd kiss you back." so he leaned in and once our lips locked, all I could think was, "holy crap is this really happening? This is what everyone talks about!" it actually took a couple more kisses for me to realize everyone closes their eyes. I tried that, but my mind was still going a mile a minute. After about 10 mins (long first makeout session huh?) someone actually walked in on us kissing. Talk about embarrassing.we walked back to the elevator, since my curfew was 1:30, and I said we can't keep doing this because I don't want to get attached and wind up hurt. He agreed an we stood there a minute. But finally he cursed and grabbed my face and kissed me again anyway. Of course the elevator doors flew open at that point to a shocked couple that ended up being an awkward ride to my floor. But after we got off, he walked me to my door and said goodnight and kissed me for the final time. I never got to see him again. Though I missed him after that, I was very glad that I had such a romantic first kiss.
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That's interesting just like Titanic. It's a shame that you never saw him again.

Haha yeah we mentioned a few titanic references. It really is a shame I didn't see him again, though he lives maybe 2 hours away from me.