Starry Night

It all started at the Thanksgiving Dance back in 7th grade. It's one of the few dances at my K-12 school that allows anyone 5-12 to go. It was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and was always a lot of fun.

I met this 9th grader who was attractive and sweet. We got to talking and he said that his girlfriend wasn't there so we danced.

A few minutes later his girlfriend's friends came over and started harassing me. They called me $lut, Black-Eyed *****, Charcoal Locks and Midget. They cornered me at a door and pushed me out into the cold, snowy night. I just stated for a second up at the beautiful stars as I lay freezing in the snow as it settled on me. The door was locked.

A few minutes later, a boy came out and found me pale and freezing. He was four years older than me and was my brother's best friend. I began to cry and tell him the story. He listened attentively and when it was over he kissed me.

It was warm, soft, passionate and inviting. I felt at home and it made everything better.

Corny, yes but it was so amazing.
Santana4 Santana4
13-15, F
Dec 3, 2012