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My first kiss was awful, it was wet. I have no idea who he was, and it was a really sad experience...
NickoPop92 NickoPop92
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That's very lucky for both of you...

That's sad:/ I'm sorry. I remember who mine was with but I don't remember when or what happened

Aww I'm sorry about that. My first kiss was in the 8th grade (I'm in the 10th grade now) anyways he was my first boyfriend and we've been going on for a few days. I was super nervous but I took out one of his ear buds, put it in one of my ears, I closed my eyes, kissed him and then thats all! It was nice, I felt all warm inside and happy and I'm still with him. Been with him for almost 2 years. Our relationship has been a hard one but I still love and care about him.