Romantic In Unromantic

It was romantic.
Plain and simple. Even if other people find it cheesy or lame, I would always remember it as being romantic.
After slightly injuring my wrist, my boyfriend and I decided to stop playing and spend time together inside a school that we didn't even go to. When we reached a staircase, we decided to cuddle there together.
The staircase was I think the worst staircase I saw in my life. It was half painted, and didn't seem like the workers put any effort into painting the staircase. It felt grainy, and wasn't smooth like the staircases at our high school.
I wanted our first kiss for the longest time, and I finally mentioned whether he ever kissed another girl before or not casually. Telling me he didn't, I told him I didn't either, except for a few pecks on the lips as a kid. Remembering how I kissed him on the cheek recently, I mentioned to him how I got nothing in return for kissing him on the cheek. He began to kiss my cheek, doing it several times, as he felt unsatisfied, considering it a "bad kiss".
Feeling bad for getting more kisses than him, I began to kiss him on the cheek as well while I sat in between his legs with his arms wrapped around me. However, I also considered them "bad kisses", and he popped up the question whether I wanted to try again. As I agreed with him, I began to lean towards his cheek.
Right before closing my eyes, I could see him turn his head suddenly before I could reach for his cheek. Before I could do anything, I could feel warmth reach my lips as I closed my eyes in return. Yes, it was a little bit wet, but the warmth and emotions coming from it overpowered all the bad points of that kiss.
Finally parting, I was still dazed out, not sure what had just happened. It was if he asked me out all over again, with the suddenness of emotions hitting my heart. However, just like before, he mentioned it was a "bad kiss" on his part, and we kissed again. With the realization finally hitting me, I felt embarrassed, yet overwhelmed with happiness at the same time. We continued to kiss more that day, each kiss getting better and better.
In the end, we broke up before the end of our first month together. Even now, I'm trying to get over him. But when I think back to our first kiss, I can feel giddy and have a smile on my face. It isn't a good way to move on, but it's a good way to cherish the memories we made.
16 years old. First kiss.
Romantic first kiss in an unromantic place.
TripleK3 TripleK3
18-21, F
Dec 4, 2012