Well, my first kiss was something i've always longed for. All my friends had had their share of first kisses and when they shared their experience and that too with such rapture and enthusiasm i was always in awe of the first kiss. And it happened to me pretty late. But the wait was totally worth it..!

I was at the movies with my first boyfriend (well he happens to still be my boyfriend). Even though we were not completely alien to kissing .. i mean like a peck on cheeks and sometimes kissing neck and stuff would be quite natural in the movies. This time he was persistent. Yes, I was hesitant. Don't ask me why but i was. Maybe because of my total lack of experience and he, again had had his share of kissing. So my first impulse was to save myself of the embarrassment it would cause myself if i kissed all wrong!

So it took him, well i dont know, till the interval, to persuade me to turn my head towards him. Well then a few awkward moments later he pulled me to himself and before i could break myself free he kissed me! And my world stopped. I dont even remember the details.. I was so clumsy. I was never able to perform the cool things i thought i would while kissing (see I was planning on the first kiss for quite some time now ). Well I completely blacked out i guess. But I do remember that i felt sexy while being kissed. And after the kiss i was so enthralled.. I finally had my first kiss..! And it was awesome!

Though in the course of teh relationship the feedback i received of the kiss was not very flattering.. but what the hell.. Ive improved a lot since. ;) And im so glad he was persistent.
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Dec 5, 2012