Winter Kiss

Eventhough he wasn't my boyfriend, I loved him like anyone ealse in the universe. He askd me to be her girlfriend in September but i refused I don't know why, I was so nervous I didn't think what I was saying until I said it. yet, we talked like if he was my boyfriend, we went to the cinema several times, but with some other friends because my parents don't like the idea of me having a boyfriend.
This time was different, it was 4 days after christmas (21st Dec.) of the last year, 2012. and it happened something like this:

I have never had a cellphone in my life, but that day I went with my mother to the mall because she was going to give me one for christmas, se bought it for me but as might be expected, i couldn't resist the desire to open it and use it for the first time, and the first person i talked with was him. I told him where I was and he said he wanted to see me, he was going to go with me to the mall... so I had to lie to my mother telling her that some friends told me they were there so she could let me stay in the mall waiting for ''my friends''.
The time passed and I was so anxious to see him. He was my whole world, the one who had all my heart, the one I could always trust in. It was 7:30pm when he arrived. I hugged him and smiled at him. He was as happy as I was. I never had an idea that that was going to happen, but he looked like if he had planned it for months. We went to some stores but didn't buy anything, he wanted to be sitted down with me in a bench, so we did. I didn't know that he wanted to do that but when he looked at me with those eyes, it was like if I had read his mind. We stepped closer and closer until our lips touched with on another. It didn't last so long, but that was enough for both to be entirely happy.
It is soething that I will never forget. Unfortunately, he is no longer with me, I don't really know what happened, I loved him so badly. The worst thing is that he told me he didn't want me anymore one week after all this happened although it is an unknown reason, I don't really want to know why he did that. I still talk with him just as friends, eventhough I want to forget everything about him, is almost impossible, he was a very special part of my life. I've been through so many things with him that I may not forget. I think I must learn to live with that.

P.S. Now I am 14 years old. This is a very small part of the whole story about he and I, it is a very true love story. I may tell you the whole story one day, perhaps.
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it was so special to me, that was definitely the best christmas gift i have had.