Kissing In The Brush Of Tobacco Road...

I was 6 years old. We were on "summer vacation" down at my grandmother's house, and there were two sisters who lived up the road from her. Charlotte and Debbie were their names. They didn't look very much a like... Debbie was a teenager, had brown hair. Charlotte was no more than a year older than me. Charlotte had beautiful, long, blonde hair and blue eyes. We were playing hide and seek, and Charlotte and I decided to hide in some bushes. (there was a woods behind the houses) Apparently Charlotte lost interest in the game, because she decided to plant a really long, passionate, wet kiss right smack on my lips.

My older brother (13 at the time), caught us hiding in the bushes - and kissing!!! Jim, who I hate to this day, then mercilessly started in with the "David and Charlotte sitting in the tree" song, teasing us endlessly. He traumatized me so badly that I never got near another girl that way for years! I secretly wish that somebody would have knocked my brother out, and that Charlotte and I were still together. She was hot and would have made beautiful babies! lol

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<p>I love this story I can not believe I didn't comment on the first time I read it. Perhaps it was one of your stories I read before I friended you. I love it though. The first time I kissed a boy was in the fifth grade at my birthday party. Left to our own imaginations we ended up playing spin the bottle. I got very lucky and got to kiss the boy of my dreams. </p><p>To be honest - I forgot that kiss - not the boy - he bought me a necklace I still have today. But he facebook messaged me a few years ago to tell me he found the woman of his dreams and they had been swapping first kiss stories. So - he wanted to contact me and say hey. I bet Charlotte still remembers you also.</p>

Thanks Jen! Your story is sweet too! I hope Charlotte does remember! She was a cutey!

Who could forget you Ambrose? - no one