My First Ever Kiss - In A Toilet!

When I was 13 and three quarters, I started High School. I was a bit of a dummy, always getting picked on for being the oldest in my class. I started feeling lonely and depressed and what have you and I decided to isolate myself from all the other kids. Except one boy. He was a complete Tom Hiddleston look - alike, tall, thin, black hair and blue eyes. He was called Dave. He was extremely popular with the girls, so what chance did I have with my blonde hair and brown eyes, looking like a lost puppy? One day I was crying in the girls toilets when I heard someone calling my name. I ignored the intruder, hoping they would go away. They didn't. Eventually I poked my head around the door to tell the bugger to **** off when someone exploded with laughter in the next cubicle. IT WAS A BOY! And not just any boy. Oh no, it just had to be Dave. He smiled at me, his brilliant teeth flashing in the naked bulb light. Instead of wanting to kiss him though, I found myself hitting him hard right in the crotch.
"You ******* pervert!" I yelled loud enough to break the windows, "What the Hell you doing in the girl's bathroom." As you can hear, my language was disgusting. Thank my father. Anyway, I was yelling and screaming and thumping Dave when he suddenly shut me up with a kiss. It wasn't a babyish brush on the lips. This was very adult, very scary....very nice kissing.
"Shut up..." He whispered and kissed me again. Oh I had such fun sticking my (Dave tasting) tongue out at all the other bimbos!
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18-21, F
Dec 7, 2012