Actual First Kiss

I was very nervous and anxious for this day to happen. My then boyfriend at the time and I were walking holding hands we had just left the savannah. So he asked me for a hug so as his then girl friend I did so then just as I left up my head he kissed me.
I'm not a fan of public display affection but that day I couldn't care less. It was good. After being kissed I held him around the waist so tightly that my first real kiss.
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4 Responses Dec 8, 2012

awww how very sweet

Thank you! Do take care..Merry Christmas.!

The only person i kiss is my wife...If only I had a daughter!

You would make a great dad to a daughter, I feel like I can talk to u like a father

i remember the first kiss of mine...the man tried to eat my face, gross unfortunately. i had to show him a better way.

Hmm interesting