Halloween Cat

I was at a Halloween party. I didn't really want to go to this party since I didn't know anyone besides my sister there but she insisted I go so I did. Another reason I didn't really want to be there was because I am usually shy around new people. It was a costume party so I dressed as a cat. Not like a slutty cat or anything just a normal cat costume. So anyways my sis and I get to this party and my sis starts talking to people introducing me to people and what not and I'm saying hi but not much else. I decide to sit down at the kitchen table and there's this guy sitting there too. I notice that he has a sketchbook with him and he asks me if I want to take a look at it and I say sure. He shows me his drawings and I say there pretty good. I tell him my name and he tells me his (we will call him Tom). Tom and I talk for a bit then he gets up to go talk to other people. I get up to find my sister and talk to her for a bit. I decide to have a couple drinks too. After a while I get pretty tipsy and I feel less shy so I start talking to more people. Then Tom shows up again and he says he was looking for me. He has also been drinking now. He asks me if he can use my cell phone and I hand it to him. Then he runs into the other room like he's stealing it from me so I ran after him. I get into the room and he's standing in the corner laughing at me which makes me kinda mad so I run up to him and try to grab it out of his hand. He moved his hand away and with his other arm grabs me and pulls me close and he kisses me. I was very surprised but it was a nice kiss. We made out for a bit after that. Things seemed to be going well until later he started getting frisky with me which I liked but I told him that I was a virgin (which I was at the time and not that I was gonna let him go all the way with me I just felt he should know) and he stopped and said he was just looking for someone to hook up with cuz he had recently broken up with his girlfriend. Basically he was looking for a rebound and he didn't want a virgin and he wasn't interested in a relationship. So basically that was the end of things with us. We didn't talk the rest of the night. A few years later I saw him working at my local bookstore and he has gotten fat and it looked like his hair was thinning out so I'm kinda glad nothing did happen besides kissing that night.
JoRetta88 JoRetta88
22-25, F
Dec 10, 2012