Turn On the Blue Light

Well it was the fateful winter of 99, it was the night of nights, the prestigious PCYC Blue Light Disco in the town of my birth. We were all rather excited, my school chums and I, we had never been to a disco that wasn't the dodgy one's our school put on.

The moment we were waiting for arrived, they opened the doors, we each paid our $5 entry fee and away we went. The room was lit by wonderful flashing lights and bright colour, the DJ stood proudly atop his stage, the wonderful music of that era at his command.

Let the dance begin . . .

There she was . . . Jessica, the girl of my dreams, so I thought, dancing with a group of her friends. She was a sight to behold. 'Go on', my friends urged me and so I summoned all the courage I had, strode somewhat nervously up the group and forced the words from my reluctant mouth 'would you like to dance with me?' and oh glorious night! She said yes!

So on and on we danced the night away, we slow danced, we fast danced, it was a wonderful night. So then, towards the close of the evening, it happened. The cherry atop the wonderful evening. We kissed, at first it was close mouthed, all quite proper, and then slowly the mouths began to open, then the tongues crept in and that was it, my first kiss.

I never saw Jessica again after that night, but I'd like to think that she remembers with a fond thought, that wonderful night under the blue light.
Deyve Deyve
18-21, M
3 Responses Jul 9, 2006

Aww that's adorable :-)

I love this :)

You should be a poet. I'm serious. But you do write music right?? Cute story ... :)