Remebering My First Kiss

It was stolen from me by my boyfriend, well it was the time before he became my boyfriend.

It was my first kiss and well we we're kinda sweet at that time. I was really sleepy, we had no class and we were sitting outside our room. He made me lean on his shoulder so i could sleep well, but the thing is I can't sleep at all. so i just close my eyes and pretend to be sleeping. Gosh!!

Suddenly, i felt his hand was on my chin slowly lifting my head. I thought he was just playing around. Then suddenly, i just felt it. It happened, My first Kiss. . <3
It was very long, just a sweet kiss coming from the person whom I Loved the most now. ^_^

After that, i wasn't mad after what he did for after all, he courted me for a month and now we've been together for a over a year and we're still going strong. thanks to God's guidance over our relationship.
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So sweet! :)

thanks ^_^