Something To Remember

Well, it happen all the way back in kindergarden. That day when I rode the school bus home, didn't know what I was in store for. So, I'm sitting down and there's these 3 guys who I would talk to. We're talking and one of them came up with this idea to see who the best kisser was. Guess who they tried it out on, lol. Me being so young, I didn't know any better; so went along with it. The first boy kissed me and his breath wasn't the best. Next, the second and I guess it was okay. The third guy only kissed me once and still says it was a mistake to this day, lol. The other two kissed me again. I chose the second guy and by then it was time for me to get off the bus. I've always wondered if kissing that many guys young had an affect on the way I am now. I mean nowadays, I can't chose one guy, so put them all in the friendzone.
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18-21, F
Jan 5, 2013