Half Kiss

I was twelve years old when it all happened. I was at my friends birthday party (whose brother happened to be dating another one of my other friends) and Clayton (that's her brother), two friends, and his cousin were all playing truth or dare on the iPod. One of his dares was to spin the bottle and kiss the person who it lands on, we'll of coarse it landed on me. He wanted to kiss me on the lips but I wasn't ready for that so he kissed me on my hand. My next dare was to kiss the person to my right, guess who was sitting on my right. I still wasn't gonna just kiss my friend's boyfriend right on the lips, so I gave him a long kiss on the cheek instead. It wasn't a full kiss but this summer I think we'll go all the way. Oh and now my friend who was going out with him hates me and isn't going out with him anymore. :)
Sierra321 Sierra321
13-15, F
Jan 5, 2013