The First, and the Other First

My first kiss happened when I was 13. My first kiss that wasn't completely frightening happened when I was 14. And I'm going to write about both. I was turning 14 in a few months, and so far disappointed with my first year as a teenager. Teenagers were meant to do cool, rebellious things, like pierce their belly-buttons (that's what Laura did) and get drunk (that's what Leah did) - and what had I done? Nothing! Then I got invited to a party...and not just any party, a 21st! Laura's sister was turning 21 and letting her invite four friends. We went to the party, and because I was 13, skinny and flat-chested, I wore tight black satin pants and a backless braless tie-up beaded top. I spent hours applying makeup to look older. Thinking back, I probably looked like I was wearing a dance costume and full stage makeup. The party was great, and (yes!) there was a bar and they served us as many cocktails as we wanted! I got drunk, obviously. We all did. I was talking to this guy who was pretty hot and, more importantly, older (serious cool- and shock-factor came with older guys). Yes, he had his hand on my waist/butt/hip (if you could call it a hip), yes, he was being creepy, and yes, I knew it was bad. But I was at a party and I was holding a bright pink cocktail in my hand. I needed to be bad! So I giggled and stuck out my non-existent chest and batted my mascara-covered lashes. And he kissed me. It was rough, strange, scary and tasted like beer. That night Laura smoked three cigarettes, Leah vomited, Sarah broke her mother's expensive shoes, Kate dirty-danced, and I got kissed. My next first kiss (the one I like to fondly remember as my first) happened at the end of the same year, when I was 14 and still skinny but less flat-chested. I had my first bikini and it makes me blush to think how small it was. I was at the beach in said bikini (with shorts - I did have a little modesty) with my friend Kate (the dirty-dancer) and we met some boys. We flirted, splashed, relaxed, laughed and had a great time. I was under the jetty with one of them because Kate and the other had mysteriously disappeared (and Kate was not allowed to kiss a boy if I couldn't kiss one too). He was sweet. He held my hand. We were both incredibly shy but it was me who leant in and kissed him. It was clumsy but still good. And it is the only time I have ever made the fisrt move!
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Sounds Nice;The 14 year sounds crzy!