Two (three?) First Kisses

My first kiss ever was with a boy. He was 16, I was 15. We had just started dating (he was my first boyfriend). He came over to my house to watch movies. I knew I wanted to kiss him, but he was shy. So after the first movie, I asked if he was having fun, and he said yes, so I kissed him on the cheek and said "I'm glad." I kinda looked at him for a while, waiting for him to return the favor, but all he did was ask what we were going to watch next. I was kinda hurt and thought he wasn't into me. Then he picked a girly movie (the first movie we watched was action). Still feeling a bit rejected, he started stroking my hair as soon as the movie started. Then he started rubbing my shoulders and my back. Then a real romantic dance scene started and I asked him to dance with me (silly, I know, but he went along with it). After a few minutes of dancing, we just sort of looked at each other and he asked if it was okay if he kissed me. I answered with my lips. Later on he told me that was his first kiss, too, and the reason he didn't initially respond to my advances was because he thought the mood should be appropriate. We didn't date for too long, but I'll always be grateful for his gentleness.

The first time I ever kissed another girl happened in college (surprise, surprise!). One of my roommates was openly bisexual. I had been secretly struggling with the question of whether I was bi or not probably since middle school, so I was glad to be close to somebody who had experience. I would ask her lots of questions about it. One day I asked about her first time kissing a girl and after her story she asked, "Do you wanna try your first kiss with a girl?" I was still uncomfortable with revealing my bisexual curiosity to anybody, so I quickly said "No," and stopped asking questions for a while. Maybe a couple weeks later we had some mutual friends over and were drinking a lot. We started a game of "truth or dare." After a few rounds, someone dared me to kiss her (my roommate) because they knew she was bi and single and thought we'd be cute together. In my head, I definitely did want to kiss her and had for a long time, but out loud I said, "Ohmygod, no! That'd be so weird!" But it didn't take much more coercing (maybe because I was so drunk, but probably because I was so curious) before I leaned in and closed my eyes and kissed her. It was quick, and kinda jokey, but I liked it anyways. I'll never forget the taste of rum, coke, and chap stick after that kiss.

After the party was done and our friends had left, my roomie asked me "truth or dare?" I picked truth, and she asked how I felt about the kiss. I jokingly said, "Wonderful! I'm a lesbian now, by the way." After giggling, she asked how I really felt, and I told her in all seriousness that It was something I had been wanting to try for a while, and that it was fun. She said that it was my turn, so I asked "Truth or dare?" And she said, "Truth," so I asked her how I did. She said that I had wonderfully soft lips, but that she wishes I would have gotten more into it, because she had been wanting to try, too. So she asked me, "Truth or dare?" I picked truth, and she asked if I would like to try kissing again, in private (which is kinda more of a dare, but I didn't care, lol). I said yes, so she grabbed me by the hand and lead me to her bed. She turned off the big light and turned on her tiny desk lamp, sat next to me, and told me to relax, let her lead, and keep my eyes open. I complied, she closed her eyes, and slowly, softly pressed her lips against mine. It was wonderful, and it wasn't long before we were full-on making out. Afterwards, she asked how I liked it and I said, "Seriously? I'm not a lesbian. But I think I'm bi now." She laughed and said she knew. We kinda started secretly dating after that. I wasn't totally open about being bi for another year or so, but she was a great teacher and helped me take that step into being comfortable with who I am.
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hey thats awesome :) im so glad you came out :)