I Remember My First Love

Even tho I was about 15 at the time (i'm 21 now) I still remember her long blonde hair, big blue eyes and her beatiful smile. She was innocent, sweet, playfull and carring, in my opinion all the qualities a woman, lover and a wife should have. We used to have this moments when we just looked into eachothers eyes and stare... for ages. So just standing there looking into her eyes, her beatiful eyes, that's how I remember her. I'm not sure she loved me as much as I did, be still, we were kids.

The story doesnt end like in novels, she had to move with her parents in another country and I havent seen her until a few months ago when she added me on facebook (i know.. lame) . Even tho I was with other girls since she left, I was still dreaming sometimes about meeting her again. But now she gained a lot of weight, changed her hair color and seem to be a total other person so... she doesn't interest me anymore. I want to remember her just how I met her, she was definetly my first love.

Maybe I didn't realised at the time but this girl set this standard and type for me. I was looking for something from her in all my girlfriends after her, beside they were all blondes and blue eyed.

PS: sorry for my horible english and for writing so briefly.
ionutzz ionutzz
18-21, M
Jan 7, 2013