My First Kiss....

My first kiss was actually with a girl.
I was hanging out at her house with a bunch of her other friends. So we got a little crazy(not drunk), and then we played truth or dare, but we played online, because we couldn't think of any dares, anyway it's my friends turn and she picked dare and the dare was, that she had to kiss the person on her right(me) no matter what sex they are. then she rolled the dice to see how long, she rolled a 4, so all the guys got excited for some reason. so we get ready but we didnt kiss, so my guy friend came up behind me and "accidentally" pushed me forward, so that me and her were kissing, some guys got their phones out and took videos, but I didn't really pay attention... anyway our friends forgot to tell us that we were supposed to be done kissing 6 minutes ago(didn't bother us to much). then the day after I left she called me, and asked if I could come over, I said sure, so when I got to her house her guy friend covered my eyes with his hands and then my friend kissed me again, and I didn't mind. lol
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I kissed guys before but what I remember as my first real kiss was with another girl. I remember the feeling when she slid her tongue into my mouth. It was really hot.

I played that game once on a camping trip

see my story suzan camping. It's in one of the early chapters

HHaaaa..thats funny,,,^^