Not Perfect....

my first kiss was with my first boyfriend when i was 12. on the way home from school, my house was on the way to his place, but most days i just dropped off my bag and walked with him the rest of the way to his house. we had kissed a couple of times on the cheek, but i dont count that as really kissing. we had been talking about actually kissing for a while over text, but we had yet to do anything about it. one day, him, his best friend and i were walking to his house. by the time we had gotten there, i could tell he was gonna kiss me then. the only problem was, his friend wouldnt leave us alone. if we asked for a moment of privacy, he would hide behind a bush for a second, but then peek around to watch us. my boyfriend didnt want to kiss me while he was watching us, so he kept trying to get him to go inside, but he wouldnt. i had to pee pretty badly, so i kept telling him i was going to leave but he wouldnt let me. after maybe 10 minutes of this, he gave up and kind of attacked my face while his friend watched us. the thing was...we werent in the hugging position, just kind of holding hands and leaning in, so i partially lost my balance and almost knocked bith of us into a ditch we were next to. they teased me about it for the longest
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very true lol

Very nice the first time everyone always remembers for shure...