My First Kiss, At 18.

I met my current boyfriend while taking some tech. theatre classes in Nevada. We talked and hung out and got to know each other over the two weeks I was in town with the classes. When I flew home I felt like I had missed an opportunity by not pursuing a relationship with him before I left to go back home to rural Texas.

We texted one another and talked every single day for seven months before he told me he wanted to fly to Tx. to visit me. I still had some hope that he liked me like I liked him, but I was not at all sure that he wanted to be anything more than friends. So I picked him up from the airport and we hugged and then walked with our arms around each other through the airport and to my car. I told him that we could do whatever we wanted, go to the park, go see a movie, but that my slightly overprotective mother would like to have dinner with us and get to meet him. He was perfectly fine with that and I took him first to his hotel to get his things put away before heading to the local park.

We sat on the very edge of the bed and chatted, catching up and joking, just happy to be in the same place for the first time in a while. There was a lull in the conversation and he chose that moment to look over at me and ask if he could kiss me. I was surprised and started blushing which made him more nervous. I told him that that would be my first kiss and he started to back down, so I stopped him and said that I would really like him to be my first kiss.
We ended up kissing for three hours.
Finally my mom called and interrupted us, reminding me that we were supposed to go to dinner right then.
My lip had a bruise on it and my hair was a mess, (he was lucky to have a flat top haircut.) So when we saw my mother and sister we had to lie and say that I had hit myself with the car door earlier in the day. It was a wonderful experience and a perfect first kiss, I'm glad that we waited those long months to finally get together. 

We'll have been together for three years on March 17th of this year. :)
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