Interesting First Kiss That Broke A 10 Year Friendship

I really thought that I would never get kissed before I got married since I am an Indian girl but little did I know that 17 would be the magical age that I recieved my first kiss. After my best friends found out about my first kiss they were like you crushed on one guy but got kissed by another guy. I will always remember that G made me feel special. When I went to visit my Aunt and surprise her for her surprise 50th Birthday Party at her house the year that I was a high school senior, little did I know that later that night I would have my first kiss. The person that was my first kiss was a member of my cousin's band and they had been friends for over ten years. I vividly remember the magical hands that he had and his arms for such a safe place for me to be. I remember that he made me feel like I have never felt before. I never planned on that happening but looking back I can say that the guy was a little too drunk and I am really not sure why he kissed me. Sadly the next day, my cousin found out and was pretty mad at him and that was the end to that wonderful friendship. Before the kiss happened, we were just friends and had kept in touch for a year unfortunately that was without my cousin knowing so he was also a little too mad at me. I will never forget the last time I saw him his face looked so betrayed and hurt because he thought it was me that told my cousin about the kiss it was actually my dad that told him that something weird was going on since it seemed that later that night G wanted something more.
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I don't think he's still mad is he?