First Good Kiss

I have a funny story floating around in here telling about my first kiss. My next kiss didn't happen until about a week after my 13th birthday. I failed 5th grade, so at the time I was in 6th grade.

I had moved in with my step father and lived with him through the school year. There were two boys that lived down stairs. I became really good friends with the youngest one who was 15 and in the 9th grade at the time. He was really tall for his age. I'm not quite sure how tall he was, but he had to be over 6 foot. His brother who was a year older was the wild one with all the friends, while he was the smart one with strait A's and such.

My father usually didn't come home from work until about 2 a.m, so my evenings were alone. This friend would come over and we'd talk and watch tv.

I don't remember quite what we were doing, but we were standing and he asked if he could kiss me. I said yes and he did. It was really awkward for him because of our height difference. I'm not quite sure how tall I was at 13, but apparently enough to make him have to bend too much. The kiss was not the best kiss and he apparently knew it, because his face was red and he said, "Can I try that again, this time can you stand on the chair?"

So, I stood on the chair and he kissed me. I'll always remember that as the sweetest kiss that I've ever gotten. It was his first kiss, but my first good kiss.

For a few months he still hung out after school and he ended up being my first make-out partner. There came a time when his brother figured it out and started making fun of him. Two years age difference is really nothing, but apparently when your in 9th grade it's uncool to make out with 6th graders. So, he eventually stopped coming over and ignored me. At the time I really didn't know why he started ignoring me, so I took it more personal. It broke my heart at the time.

A couple of years ago he found me at and contacted me. Every once in a while we chat on Facebook. He's happily married with a couple of adorable kids. So, no interest in anything else forming there. Still I'll always remember when he asked me to stand on that chair and gave me my first really good kiss.
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That's a good memory. I tend to be a bit nostalgic about 'those times" too.

guess you still need that chair to kiss me
6'3" here

This really is a sweet story. It's so special to have memories like that. They last a life time and put a smile on your face :) My 1st kiss was in 5th grade, but it was on my hand.

Well, If you want to get technical like that, my first kiss was in kinder. It was a peck on the cheek.

That's still very sweet!

This is just adorable.

I'm happy - and a lil proud - to be on good terms with a couple of my 'first loves.'