As Soft As Softy

I always wanted my first kiss to be a very special one so that I can cherish even in my old age. I waited for that very special person quite impatiently. I had this long distance relationship with this guy online. He flew down to my city and I became his guide. But as we neared the airport, something in me told it's a worth to give a shot. So, I leaned on him locked his lips with mine. It was quite brief...a split second and then I was all flushed and he was motionless, shocked, surprised...I couldn't meet look into his eyes. Then it was his turn to realise that we are going to meet for another six months. So, he took me in his arms and gave me that deep passionate kiss. Our lips locked, our eyes closed, exploring each other yet, my mind all blank but thinking of the moment, our breath became one, thought became one and the moment too became one. I was getting drawn and drawn as if my whole life was sucked in. And suddenly, the car jerked and we broke free physically but became imprisoned in each other's thoughts!

After that I kissed and was being kissed several times but nothing can be compared to the first kiss I had. It was indeed magical, pure, full of passion, a bit of obsession and a sheer pleasure. And a beautiful memory that I can keep on cherishing until the last breath of my life.
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That so sweet!