Never Will Ever Forget

My first kiss wasnt the girl i wanted. In fact, i had my eyes open, and i felt nothing for her, so i don't count it. My real first kiss came on september 25th, that kiss was so amazing. With her i felt that spark, that feeling of "we'll be together forever" even though we just broke up after dating for a year. To know that someone like that will love me truly no matter who she's with is enough to sustain me for a life time, in a romantic sense

Sexual wise, i got a fleshlight for that. And ****. Take that biological human functions :D

I'll admit that i miss her kisses, and i miss her alot, but there are things that i need to sort out. I'm in college, trying to get to MIT, and no matter where i am or how close i get to her, we can't be together, and its too bad to be truthful. For 5 years i was dead set on kissing her, and i did. I fell more and more in love with her, but the thought of having her gone turns me away from other potential female mates out there. I had an attachment to her that i havent felt with anyone. We broke up because i'm too busy to spend time with her now, and the fact that i detest love and i call it a weakness. It made her think and then as a result it made her leave. I had warned her that she did not want to see that side of me, but she forced it out of me. The logical part of me tells me that nothing but unnecessary attachments exist in this world, and that i am not meant to have any. Me being with her was to help her become a better person, because i knew this was coming, the minute i kissed her i foresaw this very event. I wish i had said no, because then i wouldnt have made all those false promises. But for the very first time in my life, i truly felt a spark with someone, and truly cared about someone. She was someone i wanted to be with for the rest of my life. Living simply on a farm in a self made house built into the forest just like she would like. I could be with her for the rest of my life and not look at a single girl ever again. I'm single, and i could care less about dating, no matter how lonely i get. She's been my best friend since i was 13, and i will never have a best friend like that i can guarantee .
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Jan 24, 2013