How Could I Forget?

How could I forget that first kiss?

I remember being holed up in some dingy basement with this friend of mine. The futon mattress we were cuddling on was propped against a broken couch frame. The only light flickered from a tiny, outdated tv. I think we were watching Scrubs.
Now I had no particular interest in this guy. I expected nothing.
Suddenly my friend tilted his head and leaned in with slow anticipation.
In those few moments before our lips met, I freaked out in my head.

Oh god, what’s he doing. Oh god, we’re going to kiss. **** what do I do.

The kiss came and… it was god awful.
It was rough, ungraceful, and pushy. His mouth practically engulfed my face, and it was mortifying. The only thing I could think is: Why? Why do people do this?
Needless to say, I was fully relieved when it ended haha

That first kiss actually turned me off of kissing for a while. But when I finally got around to giving the lip-locking another shot, I was pleasantly surprised and have since grown fond of kissing (:
LePandaBear LePandaBear
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 24, 2013

lol good story

Omg lol. That sounds like my first experience haha. I didn't think it was that gross. I just didn't really like the guy yet and it was kinda awkward. He was all up in my mouth and everything, and I'm like o.o. I thought it would be more This guy was so rough lol. I too, wondered why people did this LOOOOL. Oh well, could have been worse I suppose. Hopefully when I find someone I'm passionate about, it will be better.