I Laugh At My First Real Kiss

Ah yes i remember it like it was yesterday.. Anyways in middle school I had the biggest crush on this one boy i couldn't tell him i have NO idea why! He was the sweetest the most quiet but the most overly handsome and sexy piece of chocolate I had ever seen ! i sat by him in science and math class let me not forget he is super duper smart!
  fast forwarding to the beginning of my freshman yr in high school he final asked me out well not exactly his friend asked if i liked him and i said he asked him if he liked me and he said yea long part of the story short he said him and i are and item . We had out first date at the AMC 24 and we went to go see fast and the furious tokyo drift after the movie though i refused to kiss him because i was scared. but our second date i said **** it and i kissed him i was on cloud 9 to this day he still has my heart and i have is but every time we kiss its just like the first 
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1 Response Feb 4, 2013

Lucky guy ! :-)

nope i'm just lucky I have him and wouldn't have it any other way