I Can Never Forget My First Kiss

My first kiss is one experience i will never forget cos the day it happened was the day i lost both of my parents and since then i ve been an orphan and scared of another Kiss / relationship.
I really wish to move on but am scared. Pls write me if ur love will not bring me pains again.
chantty chantty
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 7, 2013

Dear chantty,sorry to know of what you're going through.Were your parents killed or were you taken out of the home?You didn't give any depth to the age you were of your kiss.It shows an age of 22-25 at your profile.I want you to know,please do not be afraid to reach out to "people" we as humans are as a gift of God to each other.To know "Love' and to "share" the "depths" of ones being is a great experience.Be "Happy" dear One,Take a "chance",please know you have a lot to offer another human being."Never,be ashamed of you and who you are" always speak to self as the best and know you deserve the best.Go forward chantty.I hope you the best.