It Was Awful!

I was 12 years old and riding the bus home with my best friend when she looks over and tells 2 boys that live in my neighborhood that they should come over to my house because my parents weren't going to be home.
I remember being so anxious and pissed that she invited boys over because I knew my dad would have a fit if he came home and saw them. But.. I didn't want to be the dork that admitted I was afraid of breaking rules so I didn't say anything.
We all get to my the fridge for soda and turn on MTV (they actually had music videos back then) and just sort of goofed off.

Well, my dad pulled up in our driveway earlier than he was suppose to and I was scrambling to toss the sodas away and telling the boys to sneak out the back door. One boy, Craig, a redheaded weasle punk said he wasn't going to sneak out unless I kissed him on the lips. I was so scared of getting busted that I pressed my lips to his as fast (and unfortunately as hard) as I could and his braces cut my lip.

Sigh.. what a brat he was. My first kiss sucked.
lohla lohla 31-35, F 4 Responses Feb 7, 2013

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If the first was that bad how good was the next?

Too too cute.

Hahahahaha that was so funny

LOL . . . sorry, but that's just classicly, marvelously funny :-)

"a redheaded weasel punk" . . . not exactly the Prince Charming you'd imagined when you practiced against the back of your hand, I'm sure.