My First Was the Best

I will NEVER forget my first kiss.  It was, and still is, the BEST kiss I've ever had.  And I'm sure alot of that stems from the fact that it was shared with my high school sweetheart. 

The two of us had been dating on and off since I was a sophomore and he a freshman in high school.  We had something of an 'odd' relationship together.  We would 'push each other's buttons' constantly and enjoyed challenging (or annoying) each other like that.  It was a torturous game of flirtation that drove the two of us mad. 

So finally one night, (after about a year of 'dating' and playing mind games to drive each other crazy), this wonderful boy was over for a visit and we found ourselves in my room watching some television.  A fight ensued over the blanket we were attempting to share and the playful game for domination of the blanket resulted in him rolling on top of me.  

From here on it was just like in the movies-- where all action and sound stops suddenly, and the only thing in the whole world you notice is the person across from you.  We looked into one another's eyes and heard nothing but our heated breathing.  Talk about being in the moment! 

Now, we had found ourselves in similar positions before only to have one of us blurt out a joke and spoil it.  Well not this time!  I leaned up towards him and found his lips waiting.  The kiss started off so soft and sweet.  I'll never forget the way my heart was pounding.  I thought for sure he could feel it!  When we felt more certain of ourselves, we deepened the kiss.  It took my breath away... and I must admit, even now when I remember that moment, I still find myself smiling or biting my lower lip without realizing it. 

I used to compare my relationships to that first kiss, but I stopped doing that when I realized nothing will ever match it.  My first cut really was the deepest.  And I'm thankful to have the memory of it with me always.  I still talk with this 'boy' every now and then and a few years ago he validated everything I felt about our first kiss together.  He said that there were a few college girls he knew who wanted to thank me.  I thought, 'what?  Thank me?'.  Then he responded, "these lips are lethal and I owe it all to you.  That first kiss was like nothing I'll ever get again."


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1 Response May 31, 2007

hahh i love it when it feels like time stops. and there is no sound except each others breathing. even if you arent kissing and you just stare and stare.