I Remember My First Good Kiss

I can't remember my actual first kiss but i remember my first really good kiss.  I was about 19 and had just met this boy called lawerence and i had just met him and his brother the night before when me and my friend had been out.  Me and my firend was working in a bar and we had arranged to meet after work.  I didn't think he was going to turn up so went home to bed, but i got a call of my mate saying he was out and was asking where i was.  I jumped out of bed and quickly got ready and was in the club within 15mins.

I had a amazing night and when we left each other that night he gave me the most amazing kiss.  I will allways remember that night and that kiss.  We went out for a bit after that but then he broke my heart. 

madlass madlass
26-30, F
Jun 4, 2007