Took Until I Was Almost 26

But worth the wait!  I have always enjoyed the act of kissing but found no one who was any good.  Lots of wet kisses, repetitive kisses (if that makes any sense - just the same thing over and over), just dull all round.  Never moved me, never sent shivers down my spine.  Nothing.

A friend and I decided to have a casual sex relationship (lasted almost four years) with no strings.......well let me tell you what a mindblowing experience.  Everything about the way he kisses, and the feeling that flowed through my entire body ooooh.  I'll never forget our first kiss. 

Every time he kisses me it's as if his blood is calling to me and mine answers back.  I get so lost in them, in his smokey breath, in his soft lips and his moans. his hands on my face and neck...yum.....................

God I thought that kind of kiss was only in the movies.  So happy to find I was wrong.  His kisses are never dull, never the same and I'm hooked.
lumi lumi
26-30, F
Jun 4, 2007