Nothing Romantic

My first kiss was when I was 22 (yes I am a late bloomer). It was in acting class with my scene partner. He and I were/are not good friends in any way. I respect him in as much as I think he is very talented but only when he uses his skills like he should and doesn't over think it. He however does not like me at all, I don't know why and I don't really care. Anyway, he came into acting class early, he and I were the only ones there and he started in on how he had spent the prior evening coming up with a way to do our scene so that we didn't have to kiss. I was ok with this since I figured if he really didn't want to kiss me that badly then it would be better for the scene in the long run if we didn't. we rehearsed it the way he planned it and it was all set. Then during class when we were actually doing the scene he went for it which was not according to plan. I stopped him which was according to plan, but then the teacher told us to do the scene again and gave me the instruction to let hem kiss me if he went for it again. I really didn't expect him to since now he knew that if he did I had to let him, but he did. It wasn't great, actually, I went home and called my friend and told her about it. I believe my description went something like, "if that's what kissing is like, then I'm not a fan." Something to that effect anyway. He had bad breath and I have had dryer kisses from a dog, eew. Since this was not something I had a choice in, I have decided that it really doesn't count. I didn't choose the guy or the time or anything, I just showed up to class and was handed my first kissing experience. When I do get my first real kiss from a guy I like and who likes me then I will call that my actual first kiss. I'm waiting.

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Thank you FVG, I was pretty miffed at him for switchin' the plan mid scene. It totally threw me and I fell out of character momentarily, it took a second but I was able to pick up my line ok. Actually I turned away, wiped off my mouth and then was right back into it.

It was pretty unprofessional of him to change the scene without telling you. I would not count this as a real kiss either. I am right there with Drumsong on this one.

Acting kisses are real kisses about as much as acting fights are real fights.... even if the emotion is there (as it may be for a good actor), the power and meaning behind it is lacking. It's like wondering if a picture of a steak will taste as good. ;-) Don't worry, you still have a good one coming, somewhere.