My best friend and I were eight years old. I hung out with her all the time. We went to the car dealership with her parents for Toys for Tots one day, and the owner's son was there. Well.. we hung out with him and he found out we both like him. He decided to have a test to see who he'd go out with. So.. it was up to kissing. I kissed him, and innocent 2 second kiss on the lips. He told me it was pretty good. She kissed him the same. He said she was okay. Then she shoved her tongue down his throat and he dated her. I spent the rest of the night crying!
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Life is like this sometimes... <br />
<br />
and don't you hate when it is...<br />
<br />
I bet you've made up for this event since then.

Oh my first kiss was horrible too. You get over it and at some point you end up having the perfect kiss...but of course you cant want the perfect have to be not expecting it...which is hard to do when your thinking about not thinking about thinking about the perfect kiss...of course if you just think about this your too confused to even realise whats going on so you might just be taken by surprise...

hahah wow. an 8 year old french kissing someone? what happend to cooties?