It Was Beautiful. I'd Relive 1,000 Times Over

It was last June. I know, I waited a long time for my first kiss (I was seventeen.) I guess I was scared to do it before. Anyways, it was at a conference in Atlanta at the CNN hotel, with my girlfriend at the time, Kadie. We were just hanging out, about nine o'clock, holding hands and everything, and then it happened, just like in the movies. We just looked at each other for a minute, then leaned in, and oh my God, I was in heaven. I got so lost in her kiss...sadly the relationship didn't work out (long distance never does, does it?) and we broke up in August. We're still really close though, and we still love each other.
NuntiusMortui NuntiusMortui
18-21, M
Jun 30, 2007