I Love Onions!

I had my first kiss with the guy who would turn out to be my 'first love'.. And I was 18, a little late I know..

It was in the middle of my mid term exams of my first semester in uni, we had a week (I think) between one exam to the next. A lot of my friends decided to skip home before concentrating on the upcoming week of torture.

I didn't go, and neither did he. He said he 'wasn't feeling very well' which was an outright lie as we spent the next three days together doing everything we could think of. From going on a ferris wheel and taking pictures from the top, to staying at a cafe for hours and only drinking a cup each (and taking pictures!), and spending I think it was close to 5 hours in my car, talking and.. you guessed it! Taking pictures!

The last night we were truly alone together (the next day, most of our friends came home), we ate Japanese food, which had more onions than it did meat. We went back to his place and I fell asleep.

I woke up at around 1 am and scolded him for not waking me up, but I was secretly glad.. The gates to his place were already locked, and it'd create too much of a fuss (so we made ourselves believe..) to get the night watch-man to open it again, so we thought that 'hey no biggie..' and I slept at his place.

I didn't feel comfortable about invading his bed, and he didn't want me sleeping on the floor. So we decided that the first person to fall asleep got the bed. We lay there, next to each other talking for hours. And somehow we got to talking about pets.

He had a dog and said dogs gave the best kisses, then I told him he should try being kissed by a fish. He made a face and I started explaining elaborately that fishes make these sucking motions when eating and that if you time it right, they'll 'kiss' a person as well.

Somehow from there we started 'fish kissing' each other's arms (really, its not as gross as it sounds!!), and we ended up kissing. A very onion-y kiss. I laughed the first time our lips touched, and he was put out for a second, before determinedly kissing me so I'd shut up.

Since then we've shared mint, barbeque sauce, chocolate ice cream and various other 'kisses'. But I guess, nothing beat our first 'onion-kiss'.

(Oh, and we ended up sleeping next to each other on the floor that night. =D)
anonyMouse anonyMouse
22-25, F
Jul 1, 2007