If Only I Could Experience It Again!

It was my ninth date or so with a boy I was falling in serious "like" with. We had the ideal courtship- walking next to the river for hours, holding hands- 12 hour dates where we would just sit in his attic and talk about things we had never told anyone else- by the time the kiss happened, we both had wanted it for several dates, but were too shy to initiate.
 It was lightly drizzling and we went for a late afternoon walk in the woods. We came upon a very old, gated cemetery in the middle of a grove of bright green oaks and pines. He led me inside and told me that this is where the people who had built his house 200 years ago were buried. There was a haunting beauty throughout the entire area of forest, it was as though we had gone back in time. He took me in his arms, the rain softly falling, and our faces hovered inches away from each other. I knew he was about to kiss me, but I couldn't bring myself to go in first. And apparently, neither could he; he said "would it be alright if I kissed you now?" His gentle manner completely melted my insecurity, and without replying I leaned in and kissed him on his beautiful soft lips.
 It was one of the sweetest, tenderest moments of my entire life, and looking back on it now, I know I will never forget it.
alovelylove alovelylove
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wow. that sounds so picturesque. like it belongs in a movie.