:3 My First Kiss:P

um....New years was coming up.So yay! all girl sleep over at some girl house lol i can't remember her x.x.so it was like 1 am in the morning and we were up girl chatting.You know the usual *boyz*.but i was a tom boy i love to play video games and football<3.So i would have been like "eww wtf nooo boys yuk!!".After all the talking i found out that every one had their first kisses and not me,i felt kinda left out of the bunch.but really i did not give a f*** :P.Anyways it was old years night and everyone was preparing for new years o/.honestly i kinda was afraid of fireworks.So me best friend in the entire world steven would stay with me cause...he's like awsome...hours later...its was one hour before the big day.And this time steven told me we'll go up on the roof.*my heart skipped beat cause i knew we would be hearing the loud booms of fireworks.but he realized and he held my hand and said "Its okay im here with you".Really i did not know i liked him up to that point when he did that.So we claimed up the house and there we where ~up there all alone in the dark~.For some reason all of a sudden i started acting really weird around him.*and i was silent*.it was 15 minutes before new years.and i heard every one yelling about it down below.so i was on scared mood.and he realized he hugged and i had this time feeling in my stomach for the first time which was weird cause i hang him all the time :$.lets get in to the interesting part of the story lol....
"5 minutes away" steven said..."silence"me lol ..."i wanna go down" me..."oh stop being such a baby"steven..."baby ha challenged accepted". it was one minute away and i was breathing really loud and showed like millions of sings of fright..and then 3...2...1...BOOMMMM!!!!!!!!! i jumped in his arm and i began to cry.cause i was scared..then he told me he was here and stop it big girls don't cry :3 and held me by my waist.and i was like all "thank you!!! you the best friend in the world" and i saw his face got kinda sad.then i asked him what was wrong then he told me he liked me and i was "OMG HELLLLLLLL YESSS!!!" in my head.but i was silent then this loud ******* firework burst right in front of us and i jumped again this time i went into his arms completely. then i saw him leaning in to kiss and then i leaned the other direction idk why :P.So he missed.then i said wait you really like me.What do you like about me."i love the way your hair smells and your smile.and the way you eyebrons raise when you happy.and how silent you are when you excited. then every thing got silent again.And then this time i leaned in to kiss him*big surprised* and he held my waist really tight and he kissed me and kissed me again and again.we where up there for like 30 minutes lol......and we started a relationship when i turned 15 and he turned 17 annnnnd where still together .................and this story is still being written lol the end hope you like it ~dope<3
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Awesome story and thank you for sharing it with us. I hope that the both of you are still happy together.

too lovey dovey... he just said those nice things to get u into bed! :P

Your so sexy

That is sweet can cool

Wow, impressive, I mean what a fantastic event. I think you are more experienced than I am. Lol,and I was afraid of being a bad example, lol.

Nice story I hope you will honor me by adding me

well ofc :3

Lol.... I love this

thank you :P

More like a Disney story :)

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awesome story

thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

good one first kiss is always remarkable

thank you :3

enjoy urself baby

i dope your story

ahahaahah really cute story wish i had a a cute girl like you to kiss on

wel well well happy newyear dope :) :) xD

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happy new years lol o/

i fell in love with you story.really good

its like a fairy tail ~awwiezzzzz~

you story was very amazing i love it and lol you leaned away from him the first time :P

Cool story

thank you xD

great story :)

thank you :P

nice new year

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