Romance At Its Finest.

I remember my first kiss like many others. Ready stories, the experiences vary. Some are romantic and like out of a fairytale and I have a few friends who have had similar first kisses. But no. Not me.
Why would my first kiss be romantic? That'd be too easy. My first kiss was in the summer of 2008 with the boy I, of course, thought was my soulmate. Good start, right?
Well, first sign this was not going anywhere fast should've been that we were on a date with his mom. At a car show. Where old women were dancing. At K-Mart. Well, I am a sucker for a romantic date, so this is where it started. He took my hand and whisked me away to the furniture section of K-Mart and there it happened. My first kiss.

And a few weeks later, we broke up and that was that. So, there ya go. My first kiss was in the furniture section of K-Mart.
Go me!
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A bad first kiss can be a deal breaker. Mine, right in front of her house, she came at me and leaned in, she didnt pucker (firm) up her lips and it was a lot of teeth. Grossed me out a bit! lol I didn't go back. lol

Ah, that's the worst! Lol, a bad first kiss and a bad kisser! So sorry!

I'm not sorry about it. I used stay awake all night thinking about her up until that moment. She was the neighborhood hotty and was the only one who even got a chance to kiss her.

they guy is trying to forget it. LOL.


he's trying to forget having ever kissed you, it was obviously a mistake, LOL.

Who are you talking about? What was a mistake?!

Cute story:)

Thanks so much :)

xD lol awsome story :P

Lol, thanks! :)