Ashley's First Kiss

I was 16-years-old and I didn't have much experience with the opposite sex. I just mostly talked to girls at the time. I guess I started getting prettier as I became older. I was a late bloomer. Junior year I became noticed by the male population at my high school (finally, right?). Guys actually thought I was "hot" for once; I was dumbfounded. Anyway, I had noticed this guy in the hall that was a year older than me and  was absolutely gorgeous. I mean, decked out in Abercrombie, muscular build, and such an amazing smile. I hate guys that wear Abercrombie now, but at the time I loved it. About two weeks after we ended up in the same gym period. I was sitting on the bleachers chatting with my friends and being oblivious of my surroundings, as usual. The next thing I knew, he was talking to me. Me? Yea, me! We went on a date that night and I was extremely excited. Yet, I was a bit nervous because he was much more experienced and he was a senior. Anyway, we went back to his house after and watched Pirates of the Caribbean. I remember him staring at me for like the first five minutes of the movie. He was just sitting next to me on the couch staring, trying to get me to look at him. I was terrified. I avoided eye contact like crazy. Finally, he moved in. I remember thinking, "Oh my gawd! I'm kissing a boy! A very good looking boy!" I think I did alright; I just followed his lead. We ended up "officially going out" for only two weeks. Weird. Maybe it's because I wasn't that popular and he found out? He was too much into status and popularity. I really don't care anymore, but I still remember my first kiss.

I have a fonder memory of my first kiss with the love of my life though!
CremedelaCreme CremedelaCreme
18-21, F
Jul 8, 2007