My Fist Kiss

my first kiss was when i was when i was 13 one of the guys from school had a house party and it was the first time i had really had any alcohol so as u can imagin i was quite drunk quite quickly. the guy had this friend they were in a band together he played the guitar and got it out and played it a bit for me imediatly i was captivated by his talent. He was very sexy for our age well i asume he was my age although i dont really no how a 13 year old would have a little gotee like he did so god knows how old he was anyhu we ended up on the floor god knows why and he put his jacket round me cos i was cold. I didnt see it comeing at all just all of a sudden i was like hmm ok your toung is in my mouth. later i saw him with one of my "closet" sluttest friends but i didnt care cos i then proceded that night to have my 2nd 3rd and 4th kiss 2 of which were kind of at the same time. Also aparently the next day the guy revealed that my friend was a **** kisser ironically as she always boasted about how she had kissed thousands of people. Also i was told that he had writen a song about me. i never saw him again. i m just praying that one day the song will be released and we will be reunited...stupid i know but shhh dont ruin my dream 
prisonerofloveandlies prisonerofloveandlies
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1 Response Jul 9, 2007

Its a cute story tho