Such a Scandal!

I remember my first kiss because it was so scandalous: (1) it happened in Grade 1, and (2) it was the pastor's daughter. It seems that most people do not experience their first kiss until later in life, because whenever I talk about my own first kiss experience people often react with shock that it was when we were about six years old. But it was quite a badge of honour not only because it was the pastor's daughter but also because she's the one that leaned over and kissed me! I have never forgotten the experience, nor have I ever forgotten her.
DavidSmart DavidSmart
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1 Response Jul 10, 2007

You're right, normally it is later in life. But I wonder if the kiss later in life is just the one people remember, or choose to consider their first kiss. I remember in Kinder Garden running away from a boy who was trying to kiss me, so it couldn't be that odd of an experience.