Is It Animal Or Spiritual?

I was almost twelve and you could say I was unusually interested in girls but I don't think there was ever a time I wasn't. (is that abnormal?) During a school football game, I wandered off with Colleen, a bleached blond whom decided to call my bluff as, like many impetuous boys, I was testing my limits and her patience. We walked a few blocks into the neighborhood and I remember well her detachment and my anxiety. I was a little worried. Once we reached our destination, she wasn't so certain, so sure, and that vulnerability (not that I had a clue at the time) urged me to make a move. At the moment our lips met in that dark place, there was a sensation of moving and loss of metabolism like a roller coaster ride or other carnival sort involving a lack of control, combined with a kind of brand new "high". Wow. What a memory. Needless to say, my mind was blown and although nothing more became of it and the rest of that night are gone from the memory banks, I can remember the "explosion" of discovery and pleasure her soft lips and body pressing up to mine like it was yesterday. That was about 36 years ago.
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Good story. And good description of the moment.