Oh Gosh

I think I was 11.
I was at this wanna be cool party with children my age or older. I had a crush on one of the guys there and I was all about him, dancing around him, talking with him, and stuff.
Some of the girls suggested playing a sort of 'spin the bottle', the rules were: you spin the bottle and you kiss on the cheek the boy at the other end of the bottle. If you kiss him on the cheek 3 times, then the 4th time you had to kiss him (peck). The guy I liked, let's call him J. (his real name doesn't begin with J though. I like the letter 'J' lol xP), wanted to play so I was like "YEAH! Of course I'm playing, count me in!!!". We spinned the bottle and played and played and after what seemed an eternity of boredom waiting for the big moment I realised it was the 4th time the bottle was picking J. and I had to kiss him. Oh gosh! Was I happy :D
Our lips touched and I felt something like electricity from my lips through my body until the end of my fingers. I think my face turned red like an apple and I had a big smile afterwards. The girls were like "Ooooooh!" that moment. I giggled.
J. didn't like me then, he had a crush on the girl who threw the party and I was so jealous. It doesn't matter now though, later that summer he ended up being my boyfriend and I found out he was a big idiot. Owell.
whatsername whatsername
26-30, F
Jul 10, 2007