Can't Forget It If I Tried.

I was late bloomer in the romance department, my first kiss didn't occur until I was 16, and I remember it quite clearly unfortunately. It was with a boy we'll call Mike, who was a very sweet boy but unfortunately knew absolutely nothing about kissing. At first it was like a scene from a romance movie, we were posed atop a grassy hill, with the sun setting in front of us. We were staring deep into each other's eyes and the moment came. He leaned forward, and pressed cold, very wet lips against mine. I recoiled back slightly, startled by the wetness, but he followed, apparently deciding that this was a tongue appropriate moment. All I really remember next was sensation of a very slobbery tongue, similar to a dog's tongue I would imagine, sliding across my lips and catching the bottom of my nose.
Needless to say, my reaction sounded something like "BLAAAAH!" and was accompanied with frantic face wiping on my sleeve. He was completely baffled, and asked me what was wrong. I looked at him, with his confused puppy dog expression and his slobbery lips glistening in the fading light, and just didn't have the heart to tell explain. I made up some lame excuse about a bee and let him escort me home.
I never got up the courage to kiss him again, but I'm sure some other girl did and hopefully he's living the good life. :-)
kazeldragon kazeldragon
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1 Response Jul 18, 2007

Thats sweet that you didn't shatter his delusions of what a fantastic kisser he was. It might have saved some other girl if you did though! I hope your subsequent kisses were less... ooky.