Wow So Long Ago

my first kiss was so long ago I had to think on it a while to remember it , one night I was at a friends House and a bunch of us kids were talking on the porch , then suddenly this little smart *** kid came up to me and pushed me off the porch, well I got up and pushed him back we went back and forth a few times till mom told us to quit, after that we didn't like each other to much, I think We were about 11 years old, a few months later I went to the school to play  and just swing talk what ever then along came Him !! oh my here I thought we were going to go at it again, but to my surprise we didn't he seemed quit nice and just started talking to me laughing about our fight, all of a sudden I felt really good with this guy, and we kissed ,, Its so weird thats all we did stayed friends for a while then poof it was over
GrannyGumps GrannyGumps
51-55, F
Jul 26, 2007