My First Kiss

I was 22, and was on a date with this guy I'd met on the Internet.  After a not so eventful date, I brought him home to meet my parents, which I now regret doing.  After talking for over two hours, he had to go home.  I had been getting vibes from him all night that he wanted some non-sexual physical contact, whether it be a kiss, or a held hand.  So, I walked him out.

We'd made it maybe three feet before he stopped dead in his tracks.  I began babbling some incoherent thing, because I knew this might be the moment.  He smiled, leant in, and kissed me.  All brain activity stopped, but I was unaware of what was happening.  My eyes were open, and my mind wasn't recepting. I didn't even pucker.  Nine seconds later, I began babbling again.  He lightly laughed, and leaned in again.  This time, I was ready.  I let go of all thoughts, closed my eyes, and opened myself up.  These two(yes, two) were better than the first, because I was open to the experience.  Or it might be because on the final kiss, his upper and lower lips sucked at my upper lip.  It was truly erotic, thinking back on it.

A truly memorable experience, despite the little moment of awkwardness.

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7 Responses Aug 12, 2006

Lol wow my first kiss was when I was 8. >_< my boyfriend hasn't had his first kiss and I'm not going to wait till he's 20. 5 years without a kiss is hard....

Yeah, I was a very late bloomer in that aspect.

Well, my first was wen I was 26...

I don't feel so odd now. I'm 18 and still have virgin lips

Oh my gosh! Now, I feel cheap! My first kiss was when I was 13!! I guess y'all are very shy...hee hee<br />
It was with a boy that was totally ugly, but I guess I did not see that for were in my parent's living room, like open to everyone...but when no one was in sight he snuck one on me and he sticked his tongue in my mouth! I flew off of that couch! That was icky at 13!!!

And I thought I was a late starter at the age of 16 and being still unkissed.

My goodness. That's quite a story... I'm going to be 20 in about three months here, and the most I ever did was hold hands... <br />
<br />
That was really a touching, if somewhat comically awkward story.

And I thought I was a late bloomer! My first kiss was age 17 with a guy 3 years YOUNGER than myself! In the backseat of my cousin's car after a night of cruising around. It was actually a pretty darn good kiss for someone so young! But the humiliation was his laughter when he found out he'd been the first.But he musta liked it too...he kept coming back for more for 2 years!