My First Kiss

My first kiss wasn't so long ago, I was 14, he was 13, and we'd been going out 13 days.
The whole thing was after a very dramatic break-up from which I sustained serious mental damage... My ex had placed a lot of value on physical activity... he didn't get much, since it was an online relationship, and he was somewhere in Oklahoma while I'm hanging by the Great Lakes, but it still hurt me like hell, because he broke up with me and convinced me back so many times I was practically caged.

Anyway, the boy who was my first kiss is the one who saved me from that... I'm still holding onto him.

We'd been going out less than 2 weeks when he first came over to my house. I didn't bother to hide the fact that we were dating from my mom, it didn't really occur to me... heh
I have that whole day memorized, but I'll just go over the basics here. ^_^
We were sitting downstairs on the couch, in a darkened room (Oooh) watching some German movie (dubbed into English, of course). At some point in the movie, after much hesitation, he got up the guts to say, "You know, you can sit on my lap if you want..." We'd been flirting shamelessly via IM since we'd started going out, and virtually cuddled/kissed a few times, so this was a fairly acceptable thing for him to say.
I slid onto his lap, my legs perpendicular to his, and put my arms around his neck. He put his arms around my waist, and his cheek on mine. ♥
As we watched the movie, he kept kind of turning his head towards me, the putting it back, like he couldn't quite work up the courage. Finally he kissed my cheek, which made me blush like crazy, 'cause he kept doing it several times.
I kind of felt bad, because he had to do everything, so next time he turned his head to kiss my cheek I kissed him full on the lips. There were no fireworks or anything, just me feeling like I wasn't doing enough, heh.
Then we heard my mum coming down the stairs, and I quickly slipped off his lap to sit in front of him. When she'd gone again, he put his arms around me and started kissing my neck. I could have sworn that blush was creeping down my neck to cover my entire body. He worked his way up my neck, paused at my cheek, then nibbled at my ear. I guess he started spoiling me right from the start.

When the movie was over, we went to my room. We were sitting on the floor looking at some German book, with him sitting behind me. He put his arms around my waist again, and I kissed him nervously. The second time I did so, he ran his tongue across my lips, and I opened them. It was ridiculously messy, I guess, because it was both our first times, but I thought it was wonderful, because somehow he was even closer to me than just hugging, we were inside each other.
Most people think of frenching as dirty, but to me right then it was just this really powerful experience. I could barely stand afterward, my knees were so wobbly. I concealed it well, though.

Afterward, we went outside and shot hoops while discussing the whole thing. Things progressed to making out that same day, but that doesn't fall under first kiss, so I'll let it be for now.

We've been together for about 1 and a half years now, and I'm glad that I got to have my first kiss, and my first everything, really (though I haven't gotten everything at this point) with someone I really love. Everything that's happened is a really good memory for me, and I look back on it fondly.
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Aug 1, 2007